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Corporate News

Patent infringement notice

  Chunsheng Connectors produced by Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics Co. Ltd., are well-known in the market and they are acknowledged by our customers for their high quality. Most of the connectors were innovated and developed through our own Research and Design. Some have national patent number assigned to it and some are pending patent approval. 
  Recently, we found that some companies in this industry, ignoring Chunsheng’s interest, ignoring the National patent laws and regulations, without any written consent and/or authorization from Chunsheng company, are counterfeiting and distributing Chunsheng’s patented HP (speakon) series audio jack with patent number ZL200620053364.7. 
  This act of counterfeiting Chunsheng patented products has severely infringed our Company patent’s right and interest, seriously damaged our company’s economic interest and badly disorientate our normal market operating processes. Companies purchasing similar products for use, should check to ensure that there is no patent infringement pertaining to the use of this product, to avoid economic losses.
  To safeguard our patented products’ rights and interests and to prevent patent infringement, we Chunsheng sincerely notify all enterprises who have infringed our patent rights to cease such infringement immediately. Failing which, Chunsheng reserves the right to take legal action. 
  Attached is our company’s patent document with patent number of ZL200620053364.7

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