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Corporate News

Chunsheng electronics company to carry out blood donation activities

Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. organized employees to participate in unpaid blood donation activities, which received a positive response from the company's employees.

On the morning of July 1, the blood collection truck stopped at the west gate of the company, although the sky was gray, it could not stop the enthusiasm of employees to donate blood. Under the guidance of the staff, everyone carefully filled in the blood donation registration form for pre-blood collection testing and boarded the blood collection vehicle to donate blood. The atmosphere was relaxed and active, warm and moving. Comrade Zheng Angui, secretary of the Party branch of the company, was the first to arrive at the blood collection vehicle and offered 300 ml of blood. Every year, he will actively participate in unpaid blood donation activities, especially today, the 94th anniversary of the founding of the party, he said that unpaid blood donation is a matter for the benefit of society, and party members should be more exemplary and vanguard.

On the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Chunsheng Company carried out unpaid blood donation activities, giving this activity special significance, not only to promote the relevant knowledge of blood donation, but also to show the enthusiasm and love of Chunsheng people.

The list of unpaid blood donors: Zheng Angui, Fan Xuewu, Lin Li, Xue Jianxin, Liang Ren, Zhu Yuhao, Yao Mei, Yin Bixiu, Deng Jingxin, Gao Hui, Tang Paihao

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