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Corporate News

Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics-Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment

Corporate social responsibility

◆ Corporate culture

The company is committed to integrity, continuous innovation, continuous development of the vision, to build a technology, management, service quality of the highest forward-looking enterprise, in order to achieve the "pursuit of the ultimate, advocating excellence" of the enterprise purpose.

Quality to still, technological innovation, people-oriented, heart service

The pursuit of perfection, advocating excellence, looking at the world, team spirit

Chapter 1 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

I. The company fully implements corporate Social responsibility (CSR):

Ensuring occupational health and safety at work, employee rights and environmental responsibility in manufacturing; The company has set up a CSR promotion organization, which is responsible for the implementation of CSR management activities and continuous improvement.

Ii. Basis of the Company's CSR management activities:

A. ISO14001(Environmental Management System);

B. The European Union •RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) and its amendments;

C. Eu •REACH Regulation (EC) No.1907/2006 Annex XVII;

D. N Customer CSR Management Guide;

E. Internationally applicable Labour conventions, norms and declarations;

F. Electronic Industry Code of Conduct

G. Other applicable laws and regulations relating to corporate social responsibility;

H. Guidelines, policies and regulations issued by the company;

Iii. Corporate CSR Policy (Policy)

◆ Environmental protection and saving ◆ Safety and law-abiding ◆ Health and hygiene ◆ Respect for employees

◆ Continuous improvement ◆ Benefit of society ◆ Sustainable operation ◆ Make everyone who is related to spring life smile

Iv. Corporate CSR Management:

CSR implements management in accordance with international standards, national laws and regulations, and customer requirements in line with the development of the company.

1. Promote respect for human rights and compliance with the law

A. Free choice of employment: All work shall be voluntary, and employees shall have the right to leave freely upon reasonable notice. No identity card, passport or work permit may be held as a condition of employment.

(B) Avoid the use of child Labour: the employment of persons under the age of 16 is prohibited; Juvenile workers under the age of 16 and under the age of 18 May not be arranged to engage in harmful work.

C. Working hours: A working week including overtime should not exceed 60 hours unless it is an emergency or unusual situation; Workers should be allowed at least one day off in seven days a week.

D. Salaries and benefits: Wages paid to employees shall comply with all applicable wage laws, including laws relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and statutory benefits. They have to be paid overtime by law. No disciplinary deductions may be allowed.

(E) Humane treatment: No cruel and inhuman treatment of employees, including any sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse of workers; Nor may any such treatment be threatened.

F. Non-discrimination: Participants should promise that employees will be free from harassment and unlawful discrimination.

(G) Freedom of association: Participants shall respect the rights of employees to freely associate, elect representatives, join trade unions, participate or not participate in labor associations and collective bargaining in accordance with local law.

2. Ensure labor health and safety

A. Respect for life, comply with labor health and safety related laws and regulations;

B. Prevent labor disasters before they happen, and strive to ensure personal safety;

C. Create a safe and clean workplace environment and facilities, caring for the health of employees;

D. Avoid underage employees from participating in labor that interferes with growth;

3. Corporate ethics and fair trading practices

A. Practice fair and free competition in business activities that follow business ethics;

B. Prohibition of offering bribes, abuse of power, the granting and receiving of improper benefits, and the prohibition of bad competition;

4. Protect the earth's environment

A. Comply with environmental laws and regulations to prevent environmental pollution of the earth in advance;

B. Comply with the company's Prohibited Standards for Environmental Substances;

C. Environmental policy:

1: pollutant standards, strive for "zero" emissions;

2: Solid waste standardized management, 100% control of hazardous waste;

3: Save energy consumption;

4:100% of toxic and harmful materials comply with laws and regulations and customer environmental protection standards;

5. Ensure product safety & quality assurance

A. Produce products that can meet customer requirements, and comply with the quality management system and quality assurance system of product safety, quality and performance;

B. Timely and appropriate disclosure of company activities, product safety and quality related information;

6. Implement information management

A. Keep company secrets properly. Shall not be used for any occasion other than business purposes and shall not be disclosed to third parties;

7. Establishment of crisis management system

A. Prevent accidents before they happen and ensure public safety;

(B) Establish emergency preparedness and response procedures to respond to all crises and emergency situations and propose countermeasures;

8. Contribution to society

A. It is hoped that enterprises and employees, as members of the society, can independently contribute to the development of the society.

Chapter II Safety and Health

1. Access control management

1. Employees entering the gate of the park (factory) area shall wear the factory nameplate.

2. Relatives and friends of employees shall not bring into the factory or living area without permission.

3. Articles control: All materials, articles, documents and other forms of company property entering and leaving the park (factory) area shall comply with relevant controls, apply for leaving the park (factory) area according to the corresponding procedures, and take the initiative to accept the supervision of the guards at the gates.

4. The passage of the following items is strictly controlled: computer host, notebook, computer, CD, disk, mobile storage device (including mobile hard disk, U disk, etc.), multimedia shooting equipment (including camera, video recorder, etc.), camera mobile phone, smart phone, etc.

Second, industrial safety

The company is committed to providing employees with a safe working environment, employees should be familiar with the company's safety rules and regulations and accident handling procedures, strictly abide by safety rules, safe use of equipment, timely report unsafe factors.

1. If an accident occurs during working hours, it shall be reported immediately to the department head and the safety supervisor, and the necessary emergency assistance shall be requested. If the accident or injury is serious, professional help must be sought immediately.

2. In case of work-related injury, the injured should be given necessary medical aid in time and sent to the hospital for treatment.

3. The company has special first aid and emergency measures: emergency measures for work-related injuries, fires, typhoons, earthquakes and other sudden disasters are formulated by the company's safety department and announced at the designated location. It is the responsibility of each employee to understand these emergency procedures as well as safe passage, in the event of a disaster, the need to evacuate immediately and take first aid or self-rescue measures.

Third, staff care

1. Occupational health

A. The company shall take effective health protection measures, provide employees with workplace, environment and conditions that meet the national occupational health standards and health requirements, and conduct regular occupational health and safety training;

B. The company conducts free physical examination for all employees every year and keeps records. Special types of work/places (such as noise, dust, radiation, toxic and harmful substances, etc.) personnel in accordance with the provisions of the special physical examination.

2. Community Amenities and Activities

C. The company leisure area, community health center and other cultural and recreational facilities are open to company employees free of charge;

D. The company organizes various recreational and sports activities from time to time to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees.

3. Mental health

A. The standard of mental health: happy mood, stable personality, proper self-evaluation, harmonious interpersonal relations, realistic attitude towards life.

B. Tension or stress can be relieved by:

◎ Transfer: sports, travel, watching TV, shopping, listening to music;

◎ Humor: healthy teasing or self-deprecating with an optimistic attitude;

◎ Relaxation: Take a deep breath, relax your muscles, and imagine a successful experience or beautiful scenery;

◎ Self-consolation: use sour grape psychology and sweet lemon psychology;

◎ Help others: send roses, leaving fragrance; Help others and be happy.

4. Company staff care center

A: Listen to the voice of employees, timely and effectively solve the problems of employees;

B. Trade union hotline: Employees can also directly report problems to the trade union;

C. Every employee should care for and help his colleagues around him, and report any abnormality to the supervisor or the trade union in time.

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