Mobile Online Tequila Poker in Detail for Gamblers

With poker being an extremely popular card game across the globe, whether it is played for pure enjoyment or absolute skill, it is easy to understand why almost every casino in the world, land-based or online, will have at least one variant of the game available to play.

Each game of poker comes with its own set of rules and standard of play, and mobile online tequila poker is no different. A far more recent addition to the world of poker, mobile online tequila poker has essentially been developed for online casinos only, making this game a go-to when it comes to online poker.

Getting Started

Assumed to have surfaced in the poker world somewhere around 2005, tequila poker was said to have been a reaction to the increasing rise in competition in online casinos. With every casino that surfaced needing to offer players even more than the last, new games were quickly brought in, including tequila poker.

Player need to have a good understanding of both blackjack and poker in order to engage with tequila poker, however it hasn’t proved to be an issue with the immense amount of popularity it’s gained since its launch. In fact, the game is so popular that it has pushed developers to continue on their quest to better technology and release a mobile online tequila poker, meaning seamless play anytime, anywhere.

Play Mobile Online Tequila Poker

Technically speaking, mobile online tequila poker consists of two different games within gameplay, including tequila poker and high tequila poker. Players must begin the game by placing their wagers before 4 cards are dealt face up on the table by the dealer.

Players must now look at the cards and decide whether they are going to play tequila poker, high tequila or fold. If the player chooses not to fold their ante must be doubled and an additional 2 cards are dealt onto the table, known as the main bet.

High tequila requires the player of real money gaming at casinos online to make a 5 card hand and the cards are then ranked according to their blackjack value, while mobile tequila poker requires only the 5 highest cards be counted.


Main bet payouts in mobile online tequila poker are usually provided, but high tequila rules will typically state that below 46 constitutes a loss, 46 to 48 pays even money and 49 paying 2:1 which then runs consecutively until 54 paying out 200:1.

In tequila poker payouts differ in the fact that it pays according to the table, with a pair of aces paying even money up to a Royal Flush that awards a player 200:1 on their ante. Mobile online tequila poker is actually not played against the dealer or any other players. Instead, there is a set of fixed values that will determine whether a player wins or loses.

Mobile Online Tequila Poker Experience

There is no doubt about the fact that poker remains one of the most popular card games played in casinos around the world, and this combined with the exceptionally favoured game of blackjack has ultimately opened up a whole new world of online gaming.

Focused on the online experience, mobile online tequila poker has become a first choice for professional players as it offers seamless, fast and high intensity gameplay.