Fruit Bonanza

Fruit Bonanza

Fruit Bonanza is a blend of classic traditional slots and modern video slot characteristics. The reel spinning action is directly linked to four progressive jackpots, providing big potential winnings in the game.

With five reels, three rows and up to nine paylines, Fruit Bonanza slot makes use of fruit themed and other lucky charms that are reminiscent of traditional fruit machine workings.


The game allows you to adjust the coins and active lines available, providing a fair amount of control over wagered amounts and specified token values. The incorporation of a Bet Max Button and Auto Play feature help players who are familiar with the game to wager in larger increments, more rapidly, allowing for a quick cycle through the games winning features.

Four Progressive jackpots, clearly displayed above the reels keep ticking over as game play continues. Players can watch as the jackpots escalate and fall as winnings are paid out.

Fruit Bonanza is a mixture of refreshing fruit and lucky charms on the reels; subtle colours that pop with eye catching cartooned graphics draw all focus towards the reels. The simple layout similar to a classic slot incorporates characteristics unique to video slots, which make Fruit Bonanza an interesting fusion style slot gaming experience.

Reel Symbols

There are various fruit and lucky charm symbols on the reels in Fruit Bonanza slot; these include pineapples, strawberries, oranges, bright red cherries, blue sevens, golden bells, horseshoes, and traditional four leaf clovers.

Special Symbols

Players will be thrilled to know that Fruit Bonanza incorporates the use of special symbols, albeit functioning on traditional slot fundamentals.

Scatter Symbol

A whirlwind of colour with the word Scatter in a yellow/orange hue represents the scatter symbol in Fruit Bonanza slot.

Players should be aware that scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager amount and added to the active paylines winnings.

The Triggering Symbol

The conch overflowing with various fruits represents the jackpot-triggering symbol in Fruit Bonanza slot.

Players should be aware that the slot does not feature any wild symbols.

Progressive Winnings

Players opting for a game of Fruit Bonanza will observe four progressive jackpots located directly above the reels. Each Jackpot is brightly lit in full colour with the total potential winning amount vividly displayed.

Super Jackpot

The Super Jackpot is the highest paying jackpot within the slot; to prompt a Super winnings simply land five conch shell symbols on the ninth payline.

Bonanza Jackpot

The Bonanza Jackpot is the second highest paying progressive in Fruit Bonanza slot. Prompt Bonanza jackpot winnings by landing five conch shells on any active payline in the game apart from the ninth payline.

Juice Jackpot

The Juice Jackpot is the third highest paying progressive in the game, prompt a juice winning by landing four conch shell symbols on any active payline.

Fruit Jackpot

The fourth highest paying jackpot in Fruit Bonanza, trigger the Fruit Jackpot by landing three conch shell symbols on any active payline in the game.

The progressive jackpots can only be triggered if you stake the highest possible amount in the game.

Frankie Dettoris Magic 7

Frankie Dettoris Magic 7

Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 is a five reels, three rows and twenty five-payline video slot title developed by Playtech gaming software.

Inspired by the legendary Jockey himself, Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 is themed around Dettoris astonishing accomplishment when he swiftly swooped all seven horse races at Ascot in 1996.


Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 slot offers players the option to interchange token values through useful buttons such as Lines which allows players to control the active paylines, of which there are twenty five and a Bet Per Line button, which allows for complete control over the token value per active payline.

A handy Bet Max button is available for quick succession spins, which place the maximum possible wager on a spin at any given time.

Playtech have incorporated a useful tool for more advanced players. The Auto Start feature allows for a predetermined wager to be placed on a pre selected amount of automated spins. This tool allows for rapid wagering, a quick spinning of the reels with wins clearly displayed and added to the win box instantly.

The graphics are elegant with the racetrack as a backdrop to the action. Subtle colours and horse racing symbols make for an eagle eyes view of the action.

The Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 are all themed around Dettoris’ legendary race day and players can expect to view a mixture of winning symbols flipping on the reels. These symbols include three various Frankie Dettori winning race shots, a horseshoe for luck, an aerial view of the track, a golden winners cup and a signalling board.

Elegantly displayed, conventional playing card symbols represent the lower value symbols of the slot title. These include the Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace playing card symbols.

The Wild Symbol

The image of Dettori with his goggles nestled on his helmet represents the wild symbol in Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 slot. The wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from the scatter and the bonus symbol.

Bonus Symbol And Features

The aerial view of the racetrack represents the bonus symbol in Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 slot title. Players will need to land the aerial view symbol on reels one and five in order to initiate the bonus feature of the game. Once Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 bonus feature initiates players will be prompted to select six spots from a possible twenty on screen. Each spot selected will reveal random instant prizes. An animated clip will play from Dettoris’ big day after each random prize awarded.

Magic Seven Free Spins Feature

Three or more symbols with the words Frankie Dettoris Magic seven clearly displayed on the graphic will prompt the additional bonus feature of the slot. Once the game prompts players will need to select one horse from a choice of three. Dependant on your horse’s placement in the upcoming race, you will receive free spins.

Players will be thrilled at the horse race as no matter the placement, free spins are awarded. A horse finishing last receive ten free games, a horse in second place takes fifteen free games and if your horse manages to claim pole position you will receive a rampaging thirty-five free spins.

Progressive Jackpots

Frankie Dettoris Magic 7 slot feature two progressive jackpots, that can be randomly triggered after any spin. Players should be aware that the higher the wager amount, the more likely it is to set the progressive off.

Crown Oaks Day

Excellent Online Betting Crown Oaks Day Options

Horse racing is very popular in Australia and the rest of the world in terms of online betting, and every major event of this type in this country attracts thousands of spectators from all over, and millions of online punters in a less visible capacity.

For Australians, and many international online punters, one of the biggest and best horse races of the year is the Crown Oaks Day race. This event is also sometimes referred to as Ladies Day, and is run on the Spring Carnival’s third day, at the Flemington Race Course in Melbourne, Australia, covering a distance of 2 500 metres. The race is open only to three-year old fillies and set-weight conditions apply, and besides being able to offer more than one million dollars in prize money, also sets the stage for the famous Fashion on the Field affair.

The events leading up to the Crown Oaks Day race are almost as exciting as the main event, and consist of the Group 2 Wakeful Stakes Races, also run at the Flemington Race Course a number of days before, on Derby Day. This race is also limited to three-year old fillies, and these animals will compete over a distance of 2 000 metres. This race can be seen as a preview, and offers punters the perfect opportunity to gauge the performance of the horses participating in this long-distance run. Many bettors look upon Wakeful Stakes as the best way to determine the ultimate placing of horses in the Crown Oaks Day race.

Many Online Betting Types for Crown Oaks Day

Punters who are new to the thrilling world of horse betting will be amazed at just how many different kinds of online and mobile wagers a punter has at his or her disposal when it comes to the Crown Oaks Day races. There is a multiplicity of betting opportunities for bettors to enjoy, be they newcomers or more experienced punters, and there is fun and money to be had by all.

Punters’ Pet Wagers for the Crown Oaks Day Races

The most widely used bets for this horse racing event are:

  • The Straight Win

This has punters betting on a particular horse to win

  • The Place Bet

This has bettors predicting which horses will finish in the money, which means they attain second; third; or fourth place

  • The Each Way Wager

This bet combines the Win and Place bets

  • The Doubles Bet

This wager has punters laying bets on two individual races for the win, and requires that they are successful in both in order to receive their proper payout

  • The Trebles Bet

This wager is similar to the doubles, but has punters laying bets on the winner of three races in total, not just two

  • Parlay Bets

These are sometimes referred to as All Ups or Accumulators, and require the punter to correctly guess the winners of a series of Crown Oaks Day online betting races

  • Quinella

The Quinella asks bettors to choose to horses, one to win and one to get second place, and the order these arrive in does not affect the outcome


Online Cricket Betting Opportunities for Punters Worldwide

Cricket is a sport loved and loathed by many, and those that fall into the first category are known for their zeal. Many countries around the world enjoy both watching these games and betting on them, and the Internet has paved the way for more access to more games more often.

Cricket games are unpredictable, and frequently offer exciting turnarounds that prove it isn’t over ‘til it’s over when it comes to winning. Some of the games can last a few hours, while others can extend over a certain number of days, and the excellent support it enjoys in terms of spectators is now being rivalled by bettors. The ease and convenience with which punters are able to get in on the games nowadays has caused a level of popularity in terms of online betting that has to be seen to be believed, and winning has simply never been so easy to do.

Different Game Formats Provide Great Cricket Betting Opportunities

Punters who are not dedicated fans of cricket may be unaware of just how many different formats the game is provided in, and are sure to be rubbing their hands with glee when they do discover just how many options there are, in fact, available.

As an example, a test match will generally last from four to five days: within this kind of time frame, anything can happen. The leaderboard can change at any given moment, and make or break a fortune when it does. It is vital that punters interested in cricket betting make sure they understand just how the particular game they are interested in will be constructed, as this will obviously have an enormous effect on which wagers to place; how much to lay bets down for; and when it is best to start getting involved.

The Online Betting Options Available for Cricket

Thanks to its status as one of the oldest sports in the world, the game of cricket has had a large array of betting types available to it over the years. The game’s deep roots extend a long way back in time, and the traditions that govern betting on it are similarly timeless. The online betting options now available for it mean that its story can continue into the future, and take on the new form that punters require as they do this.

When it comes to finding a good online cricket betting bookmaker that provides cricket betting markets to punters, things can get slightly complicated. There are a good many available, and finding the right one that is able to meet the punter’s particular requirements will take some digging. This is the reason that so many comparison sites are available for bettors to make use of today: the betting experts that work for these sites sift through the vast array available and compare all the best sites at which to start laying these types of wagers. Thanks to the services these sites provide, punters are able to make their most informed decision as to where to begin laying bets on this great game by means of desktops; laptops; smartphones; and tablets any time of day or night, from wherever they happen to be.

Arthurs Quest II


Arthurs Quest II

It’s time to go back to the days of dragons, knights, castles and fair maidens in Arthurs Quest II from Amaya online casino software. This five reel and nine payline online slot features a two thousand and five hundred times jackpot along with a ninety five percent return to player.

The art style for Arthurs Quest II will be familiar to fans of the series. Much like its predecessor, Arthurs Quest II uses a cartoon style that features bright, eye catching colours to take the player to a land of high adventure, danger, fun and a chance to win real money online casino jackpots.

Behind the reels, the player can see a very detailed background. There is a large castle with six towers. These towers have bright blue roofs as well as green and purple flags that are blowing softly in the breeze. The lower part of the background is a dense forest with beautifully drawn foliage and trees. The shadows are done particularly well and give the whole scene a sense of depth.

To further push the King Arthur theme, there are house banners on the left and the right of the reels. These banners are green and purple and are hung from golden rails. Instead of displaying a family insignia, they actually give additional information about how some of the bonus features work. This will be covered in a later section of the article. There are also the various paylines on display. They are housed in multi-coloured shields. Again, Amaya has done a great job of carrying the theme of this slot through to every element of the presentation.

Above the reels is the name of the slot in gold with a bright red banner behind it. They have also incorporated the famous sword from the legend of King Arthur in this display. The bottom of the slot has some additional information for the player as well as several selectable betting options. The player can adjust their bet or select the number of autospins they would like to use. They can also show the pays, clear the bets, bet nine, bet max, and spin the reels. The player’s credits, lines, bet and win are also displayed.

Arthurs Quest II Symbols

The symbols in this slot are a mix of iconography from Arthurian legends as well as classic slot symbols. From least valuable to most valuable, they include a ten, jack, queen, king, ace, crosses axes, spears with banners and a sword in the stone wild.

There are also three bonus symbols. These symbols are characters from the legend including King Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin the magician.

Arthurs Quest II Bonus Features

The three bonus symbols in this game all unlock a mini game. In order to unlock these bonus features, the player must land three, four or five matching symbols. This will also give the player between one and three times multiplier.

The King Arthur bonus will allow the player to choose from several swords set in stone to reveal multipliers. The Guinevere bonus will make a dragonfly choose a fly to eat which then reveals a prize. The Merlin bonus will allow the player to pick a spell in order to reveal a prize.

Armadillo Artie

Armadillo Artie

Armadillo Artie is a five reel and twenty five payline slot from online casino software creators Amaya gaming. Set in the wilds of west Texas, this fun and lighthearted slot features a bright, colourful cartoon art style with an emphasis on three dimensional characters and symbols.

The background for Armadillo Artie is a lonely two lane highway out in the middle of the Texas desert. The player can see the jagged orange rocks that make up the mountain landscape alone with the barren yellow sand that flanks the highway on both sides. Texas is known by many locals as “big sky country” and it certainly shows in this slot. The bright blue expanse seems to go on forever and is dotted with a few fluffy white clouds. Though the tall cactus that seem to present themselves in so many westerns and cartoons seem to be missing, the more regionally accurate ground cactus dot the landscape. These bright green plants with their sharp, yellow spikes add a nice splash of colour to the scene and really transport the player to the desolate and lonely deserts of west Texas.

To the right and left of the reels, the player can see the various paylines that are available. Keeping with the theme of Armadillo Artie, the paylines are displayed in multi-coloured starts that resemble Sheriff’s badges. Above the reels, against a wooden board and surrounded by barbed wire, is the name of the online casino gambling NZ slot in bright yellow font.

Below the slot reels, the player is given some betting options as well as additional information about their balances and the slot itself. Both the lines and the player’s bet can be adjusted but pushing the up and down arrows. The player’s balance, total bet and total win is also displayed. There are also autoplay, spin and bet max buttons as well as a paytable should the player want to check the values of symbols or get a quick reminder of what is wild or what serves as the scatter.


Armadillo Artie Symbols

The symbols in this slot are a mix of theme specific symbols along with some classic slot symbols. From least valuable to most valuable, these symbols include a green jack a red queen, a blue king, a purple ace, a tall cactus, a longhorn skull mount, a possum, a roadrunner, a rattle snake and a symbol in the shape of the great state of Texas.

There is also a scatter symbol in the form of a golden, five pointed sheriff’s badge that says “free games” in blue. The wild is Artie the armadillo.

Bonus Features

In order to activate the bonus feature for this slot, the player must land three of the scatter symbols anywhere on reels four, three or two. This will give the player ten free spins.

When in the free spins bonus round, the player must land two or more of the bowling pin symbols to activate the Bowling Bonus. During this mini game, the player must throw the bowling ball for three frames. The player’s score will end up being the bonus multiplier.

Angels Touch Top 20

Angels Touch Top 20

Angels Touch Top 20 online slot is a heavenly themed slot that features five reels, forty fixed paylines and an angel theme.

The art style that Angels Touch Top 20 uses will be familiar to most seasoned slot players. It is a cartoon style that takes elements of the pinup craze that saw a rise in popularity during the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties. The difference is that the pinup girl is actually an angel instead of just a fashion model or actress.


The background to this online slots Canada game is undoubtedly a heavenly scene. The player can see bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds along with what appears to be the golden gates of heaven. To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the fixed paylines, all forty of them, which are marked by a myriad of multi-coloured boxes. At the top of the reels, several prompts show up in bright pink giving the player tips on how to maximise their playing experience. The name of the slot also comes up from time to time. A very similar mechanic is present at the bottom of the reels in a bright yellow font against a solid black background. Messages like, “Get three or more Angels, and the sky is the limit” along with “with luck you can triple your wilds” scroll by regularly.

At the bottom of the screen, the player is given betting options along with additional information. The first betting option is the ability to change the denomination of credits wagered. This option is right below the autospin function. To the right of that, that player is given the choice to adjust how many credits they wish to use per line. This can be one, two, three, four or five. The player can also double their chance of bonus with the ante bet play feature. This button is a picture of the angel and says “play feature +10”. The player can also see their total credits, ante bet, line bet, total bet and amount won. There’s also spin and bet max buttons that can be utilised.

Angels Touch Top 20 Symbols

The symbols used in Angels Touch Top 20 online slot include a mix of classic symbols as well as theme specific symbols. From least to most valuable, these symbols include a nine, then, jack, when, king ace, silver trumpet, silver harp and silver bell with a red ribbon.

There is also a scatter symbol which the angel pinup as well as a wild symbol that has the word wild in gold surrounded by wings and a halo.

Angels Touch Top 20 Bonus Features

If the player manages to land at least three of the angel scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, they will be given free spins. But before the free spins are given, the player must go through a mini game. Pick from the eight clouds presented to gain access to multipliers. Once the player has done this, the free spins will begin.

There is also an ante feature that’s featured at the bottom of the slot. Using this increases the chance of activated a bonus feature and costs the player an extra ten credits.

An Evening With Holly Madison New

An Evening with Holly Madison New Online Slot

An Evening with Holly Madison new online slot by Nextgen is a TV themed slot that has thirty paylines and five reels.

For those who might not know, Holly Madison is a showgirl, model, best-selling author and television personality. She is probably most well known for her role in the hit reality television show on E! called The Girls Next Door. After the E! series, she also went on to star in her own show called Holly’s World. It was after both of those shows ended, in two thousand and fifteen, that Holly released her first book. This book was titled ‘Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.’ It was roughly a year later in May of two thousand and sixteen that she released her second book titled ‘The Vegas Diaries: Romance, Rolling the Dice, and the Road to Reinvention.’ This second book highlighted her time in Las Vegas.

The art style presented in An Evening with Holly Madison new online slot is a three dimensional cartoon style that utilises a purple, pink and red colour palette to communicate a light and carefree theme. The background of the slot consists of a simple red and purple gradient with small star bursts and sun flares on a black background. The reels themselves are surrounded by an ornate silver frame which wraps around the entire playing area. At the top of the reels, the name of the slot is presented in bright silver.

Below the slot, the player is given betting options as well as some additional information. They can get more information about the slot, such as online slots real money payouts, by clicking the blue information button. To the right of that, the player can adjust their bet by pushing the up and down arrows. The player can also see their total bet, win and available balance. There is both an auto spin function to this slot as well as a normal spin button.


An Evening with Holly Madison New Online Slot Symbols   

The symbols used in An Evening with Holly Madison new online slot consist of some classic symbols, such as the spade, club, diamond and heart symbol, as well as symbols that are associated with the television star herself.

These other symbols include a blue pair of high heels, a yellow mask, a pink top hat, a pink car, a red pair of dice and finally a pair of aces with Holly printed on them. There is also an expanding wilds feature that uses Holly blowing a kiss as the symbol. Finally, there is a scatter symbol that features Holly’s name and a lollipop.

An Evening with Holly Madison New Online Slot Bonus Features

There is an expanding wilds bonus feature that is triggered when Holly walks on to the screen and places a wild on the reels. The one wild then expands to cover the rest of the reel.

There is also a free spins feature for this slot. This is triggered when the player lands three or more of the Holly scatter symbols. This will win the player ten free spins.

American Roulette

American Roulette

The first thing players will notice about Amaya’s American roulette it the crisp, clean graphics. There’s no doubt that online gaming software creator Amaya was going for a realistic playing experience aimed at those players who want the full experience of playing a fast paced game of American roulette right from the comfort of their own home. While playing American roulette at a physical casino can add things like atmosphere and social aspects to the experience, the ability to play anytime, anywhere is one of the major draws of playing roulette online instead of traveling to a brick and mortar establishment.

When looking at the playing area, the player can see both the area of betting as well as the roulette table displayed. The roulette table itself is standing on a carpeted floor which has a pattern that some players who frequent brick and mortar casino establishments might recognise. The roulette wheel itself is sitting on a large wooden table much like it would be in real life. The idea is to create an atmosphere and visual experience very similar to that of a real life casino.

The roulette wheel itself is made of a mix of dark woods with a classic silver post in the middle. The inlays appear to be made of mahogany. As would be expected, there are alternating black and red stripes with different numbers marked on them. There player will also notice that there are two green stripes as well. These stripes have a zero and a double zero on them.

Playing American Roulette

To the right of the roulette wheel, the player can see a large green betting area. This area is where the players will place their bets before spinning the wheel. In the top right corner is a close up of where the small white ball landed on the previous spin. To the right of that, the player can also see the last fifteen numbers that the small white ball landed on each spin. This is good for players who like to keep track of which colour and number the ball has landed in order to better predict where to might land next.


At the bottom left of the screen is the player’s saved bets. This allows the player to save certain bets that they wish to repeat more than just once. It is a time saving function that allows the game to run more smoothly and quickly than if the player had to physically make the exact same bet every single time.

Other Features

The player can select which betting denominations they would like to use by selecting the correct chip in the bottom left part of the playing area. These chips include .10, .50, 1, 5, and 25. The player then selects which chip they would like to use and places it on the betting grid. The game will then start once they spin the wheel.

Should the player want to see the American Roulette table limit or payouts, they must simple click the small wooden stand in the top left corner of the betting area.

Mobile Online Tequila Poker

Mobile Online Tequila Poker

With poker being an extremely popular card game across the globe, whether it is played for pure enjoyment or absolute skill, it is easy to understand why almost every casino in the world, land-based or online, will have at least one variant of the game available to play.

Each game of poker comes with its own set of rules and standard of play, and mobile online tequila poker is no different. A far more recent addition to the world of poker, mobile online tequila poker has essentially been developed for online casinos only, making this game a go-to when it comes to online poker.

Getting Started

Assumed to have surfaced in the poker world somewhere around 2005, tequila poker was said to have been a reaction to the increasing rise in competition in online casinos. With every casino that surfaced needing to offer players even more than the last, new games were quickly brought in, including tequila poker.

Player need to have a good understanding of both blackjack and poker in order to engage with tequila poker, however it hasn’t proved to be an issue with the immense amount of popularity it’s gained since its launch. In fact, the game is so popular that it has pushed developers to continue on their quest to better technology and release a mobile online tequila poker, meaning seamless play anytime, anywhere.

Play Mobile Online Tequila Poker

Technically speaking, mobile online tequila poker consists of two different games within gameplay, including tequila poker and high tequila poker. Players must begin the game by placing their wagers before 4 cards are dealt face up on the table by the dealer.

Players must now look at the cards and decide whether they are going to play tequila poker, high tequila or fold. If the player chooses not to fold their ante must be doubled and an additional 2 cards are dealt onto the table, known as the main bet.

High tequila requires the player to make a 5 card hand and the cards are then ranked according to their blackjack value, while mobile online tequila poker requires only the 5 highest cards be counted.

Payouts in Mobile Online Tequila Poker

Main bet payouts in mobile online tequila poker are usually provided, but high tequila rules will typically state that below 46 constitutes a loss, 46 to 48 pays even money and 49 paying 2:1 which then runs consecutively until 54 paying out 200:1.

In tequila poker payouts differ in the fact that it pays according to the table, with a pair of aces paying even money up to a Royal Flush that awards a player 200:1 on their ante. Mobile online tequila poker is actually not played against the dealer or any other players. Instead, there is a set of fixed values that will determine whether a player wins or loses.

Ipad Online Tequila Poker Experience

There is no doubt about the fact that poker remains one of the most popular card games played in casinos around the world, and this combined with the exceptionally favoured game of blackjack has ultimately opened up a whole new world of online gaming.

Focused on the online experience, mobile online tequila poker has become a first choice for professional players as it offers seamless, fast and high intensity gameplay.