Pokies Online

Pokies Online Themes and Genres

There are a massive number of online pokies games available at casinos across the web and players can readily find a theme and genre that suits their mood. Just about every theme imaginable has been covered and there are some that have become firm favourites with developers and players alike.

Some of the most popular themes have been revamped over the years and pokies online can now be enjoyed in just about every incantation. Whether you want to join the cast and crew of your favourite TV series, play alongside famous movie stars or singers, or spin the reels in an Egyptian themed adventure, there’s a pokies online game to suit every preference.

Movie Themed Pokies

Some of the most high profile pokies online have been themed around blockbuster movies. Whether it’s because players love the fact they can immerse themselves in a movie themed adventure that features all their favourite characters, or because of the cinematic clips and storylines that are included in some of the games; the popularity of these pokies is unrivalled.

Jurassic Park brings dinosaur sized wins to the reels, whilst The Dark Knight pokies perfectly captured the mood of the movie and featured some of the most incredible animations and game elements ever seen. Bridesmaids, based on the hen party caper that’s akin the girls version of the Hangover and Terminator 2 have also been well received and there are a vast number of other pokies online that are based on hit films.

Superhero Themed Pokies

Batman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers and an assortment of other famous comic book characters have also been immortalised on the reels of pokies online. The Marvel Series of pokies grows all the time, with new releases often coinciding with the movies based on the comic book hitting the silver screen.

Superhero themed pokies are a great way to have fun and many of the bonus features draw their inspiration from the different powers these other worldly creatures possess.

Music Themed Pokies

For toe tapping fun that features familiar backing tracks and some of your favourite singer, music themed pokies online offer great entertainment and in some cases, a touch of nostalgia. Elvis, Dolly Parton, Kiss, The Beatles and even Megadeth have all graced the reels, along with stars such as Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson and The Osbournes.

TV Themed Pokies

Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, South Park, 24, X Factor, Jeopardy and a host of other TV series have all been made into pokies online. Many of these games draw their inspiration straight form a show and are licensed by the brand to depict images and logos that are incredibly familiar. This makes these pokies particularly enjoyable and you can be the star of your own mini series.

Halloween Themed Pokies

Almost everyone loves Halloween and it seems that pokies online software developers do too. All Hallows eve has been the theme of a huge number of games and it lends itself to so many different ideas. Monsters, witches, goblins, horror stories and other such themes abound and there are certain releases that offer bonuses and promotions over this spooky date.