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Corporate News

The company held a staff meeting in June

On the morning of July 16, 2015, the company's monthly morning meeting was held as scheduled, and employees arrived at the scene one after another amid the rousing music of "I Believe". The meeting was presided over by the human resources manager Pan Haidan. First of all, she put forward the requirements for the grooming of all employees, hoping that every spring employee can dress in accordance with the regulations, show a good mental outlook, and maintain a vigorous and positive state every day like the rising sun. Then, the list of employees who won the General manager award in June was announced, a total of 11, and the company's executive Vice president Yan Ji awarded them bonuses. Finally, the management representative Luo Wenquan explained what is "quality", "how to improve quality" and other content, so that everyone understood that quality is related to the fate of the enterprise, and good product quality is the responsibility of every employee of the company.

The conference came to a successful conclusion!

Human Resources Manager Pan Haidan presided over the meeting

All employees participate in the meeting

Executive Vice President Yan Ji took a photo for the staff who won the General Manager Award in June

Management representative Luo Wenquan to introduce "quality"

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