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Corporate News

Chunsheng Company won the third place in the safety production group

Everyone remember that in July, the Yueqing Safety Supervision Bureau held the "Yueqing has the taste of safety production" safety production activities, the hot voting link, because the company united as one, for the company's collective honor in safety production cast their own precious vote, and finally we achieved the third best result in the collective group in this fierce competition. Obtained the emergency escape six sets of gifts issued by the municipal safety supervision Bureau, and also obtained the opportunity to report the outstanding work of the company's safety production by Yueqing Daily.
Gifts are not the most important thing, the most important thing is that in this activity, we have reflected a very strong "one strand of rope" spirit, the support you have given together the power is very shocking!
As a song sings, unity is strength, in the company's daily production work, we also together to play such a "rope" spirit, I believe our tomorrow will be more beautiful!

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