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Corporate News

Sympathy for the sick workers show humane care

On the afternoon of October 30, under the organization of the human resources Department of the company, Yan Ji, the executive deputy general manager, Pan Haidan, the manager of the human resources Department, and Liu Qingqing, the director of the assembly class, went to the hospital to visit the sick assembly employee Zhang Yongjun and deeply understand her condition. Yan expressed the company's care and cordial greetings to her, and asked her to convalesce and strive for an early recovery. Entrusted by Mr. Ji Lexian, the executive director of the Human Resources Department, Liu Qingqing, on behalf of Zhang Yongjun, conveyed the company's condolences and care for her and sent the condolence money.

All along, Chunsheng company insists on carrying out care for employees to send warm activities, actively do good things for employees, care about the life of employees in many aspects, and effectively perform functions, under the correct leadership of the company's senior management, with the strong support of the directors, care for employees to send warm activities year-round

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