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Corporate News

In the town of Hongqiao Chunsheng electronics Fourth National Games

In this crisp autumn days, we actively responded to the call to participate in the fourth national Games in Hongqiao Town. Under the mobilization of the human resources Department of the company, the enthusiasm of the employees to participate in the sports meeting is very high, and they signed up for it respectively Track and field, swimming, table tennis, chess, tug-of-war and other projects, the total number of participants in the games company is 35 people.

The leaders of the company attach great importance and concern to the participation in the games and the athletes, and the logistics work is carefully in place.

In the three-day competition schedule from September 27 to 29, Chunsheng staff in line with the level of competition, competition style of sports God has achieved excellent results for the company. Gu Dongwei of the Quality Control Department won the champion of the women's individual long jump group. For the company's first fund; The tug-of-war athletes made unremitting efforts to enter the semifinals, and finally won the sixth place in the group; tian The track athletes won the excellent result of eighth place for the company.

The holding of the national games, so that the majority of employees actively participate in them, enrich the majority of employees' sports Cultural life, but also mobilize the enthusiasm of staff fitness. It is more to see the spring employees in the group activities The spirit of the work, and a strong sense of collective honor, for the spring of September to add a fighting upward atmosphere!

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