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Corporate News

The company won the "Wenzhou famous trademark" news features

Another year spring came, in this beautiful season of flowers blooming, birds singing, and sunshine, Chunsheng company ushered in a big good news company trademark was named "Wenzhou City famous trademark" by the Wenzhou City People's Government. This is another leap after being named "Yueqing Famous Brand Trademark" by Yueqing People's Government in December 2008. In the sweeping global financial clear, in the company's leadership of the correct decision, size up the situation, constantly adjust the product structure, with their own advantages and strength, constantly increase research and development efforts, strengthen management, improve quality, to meet the needs of high-end customers. At present, the company has established strategic partners with the world's top 500 enterprises, with an output value of more than 100 million yuan. We Chunsheng people cherish the honor, I believe that with the joint efforts of the majority of Chunsheng employees, the company will surely go to a higher level, and continue to march to the famous brand trademarks in Zhejiang Province, China's famous brand trademarks, and world famous trademarks!

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