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Corporate News

The company held a full fire evacuation drill at

In order to enable all employees of the company to understand the basic knowledge of fire safety, improve safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, master emergency response and escape skills, learn fire fighting and orderly evacuation of personnel and property, and ensure the safety of employees' lives and company property, October 25, 2014, Chunsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. organized a fire drill.

This fire drill is led by the human resources Department of the company, and Yao Yunan of Hongqiao volunteer Fire Brigade and Jiang Weiping, director of the Delta Rescue team, are specially invited to the scene for guidance.

At 2pm on the same day, the company organized all department managers and section chiefs to participate in the drill communication and coordination meeting in the conference room on the 7th floor, and the relevant personnel were trained in fire safety knowledge and practical operation, and the fire drill work in the afternoon was carefully arranged.

According to the "fire safety emergency Plan" fire drill process, at 16:10 p.m. on the same day, a simulated workshop found a fire, the staff alarm, the security room received the alarm, and the fire control room issued a fire alarm signal. After hearing the instructions, the line chiefs of all departments and above shall, in the shortest possible time, direct the employees to evacuate in an orderly manner from the designated route in the workshop, stairwell and safety exit, and quickly and orderly evacuate all on-site personnel to the safe area (the open space in front of the hall on the first floor of the company).

The fire drill was carried out orderly and nervously according to the predetermined plan. After the overall evacuation was in place, Jiang Weiping, director of the Delta Rescue team, explained the fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills for all employees, teaching everyone to master what everyone should do in the event of a fire, how to correctly alarm, fight, evacuate, and how to save and escape themselves. Yao Yun 'an of Hongqiao Fire Brigade stressed the methods and precautions of fire alarm reporting, asking everyone to further improve their awareness of fire safety responsibility, and gave you examples of wrong fire alarm reporting in a humorous tone, so that employees in a relaxed atmosphere to remember the safety knowledge.

After the evacuation drill, the use of fire extinguishers and the installation and use of fire hoses were held at the south gate of the company, and the company's key personnel participated in the drill.

Through this fire drill activity, all staff's safety awareness and fire fighting ability have been enhanced, all staff have a further understanding of fire safety common sense, and their response ability to fight fire has been improved.

The fire drill was a complete success!

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