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Corporate News

Feeling of participating in the exhibition

From October 14 to 17, 2015, the four-day Shanghai International Professional lighting and Sound Exhibition (Prolight + Sound Shanghai) was held, and our company (Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics Co., LTD.) participated in the exhibition for the first time. With the attitude of learning, the spirit of focus, and the determination to develop in a more professional direction, we came to the international professional lighting and audio exhibition jointly held by Shanghai International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. and Frankfurt Exhibition, in order to highlight our strength at the same time, in order to grasp more resources and the most valuable customers.

Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics booth is located at W5G31, the exhibition content is: Professional audio-visual equipment and technology, professional audio equipment and technology, professional lighting equipment and technology, laser demonstration technology and equipment, stage machinery equipment, equipment, system and technology, stage special effects, LED products and large screens, public broadcasting equipment, audio and video integrated system, conference system, related accessories. Here we learn about our potential customers. In the audio, power amplifier accessories above our product quality and design has been recognized by many customers, and even some audio customers come here, which is a great affirmation of our Chunsheng. At the same time, some audio and power amplifier designers have given us some valuable suggestions.

What we get at the exhibition is not only client information, but also the urgency of win-win cooperation. Here we talk with our future partners. At the same time that we think of how to make our products more popular, cable manufacturers who want to cooperate with us have also come to the door to talk about the direction of cooperation. This is what we got at the fair. It is also that we conform to the trend on an international professional stage, and stabilize our direction of reform and innovation with the development trend of products and enterprises.

Of course, we also have competitors in the huge market. With the manufacturers of the same type of products we know and compare with them product quality, category, service and price we know our shortcomings and advantages, "Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics" has its own advantages in product quality and variety. However, in this trend of price dominating the market, customers have concerns about the choice of our products, which requires us to do the most in line with the customer's mind at the lowest cost. In addition, some of the same type of manufacturers have participated in various exhibitions and sales meetings, so that they are more well-known in the audio industry, and have experience in the display and introduction of products, etc., which are worth our learning.

In the first international professional lighting and audio exhibition in spring, we have gained a lot, in the future development of the road, we have to do is better service, more professional products, holding the attitude of win-win cooperation to seek more long-term development of spring!


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